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Approved and established pursuant to section 14 of the Namibia Close Corporation Act 26 of 1988.

Until most recent past, it was absolutely difficult to for economists to identify themselves with any professional body because of the non-existence of an organized and independent professional body to regulate the conduct and activities of the profession. This problem of identification had forced a good numbers of our world economists to become marketers, banker, accountants, or administrators without genuine enthusiasm. The economics profession, which hitherto had an in-built honour and dignity, suddenly turned out to be at the mercy of other professional bodies for acceptance and recognition. This unbearable trend had stirred up a general clarion call by all professional economists for the need to establish a body that would regulate the activities and general conduct of the noble profession.

Therefore, the EIWCE was established out of burning desire to promote and encourage the study and development of the art and science of economics in public practice, industries commerce etc and to inculcate professionalism and specialization in the economics profession globally. In view of this development, the institute had been mandated by the Act establishing it to regulate the activities of all the different aspects of Economic such as Monetary Economics, Industrial Economics, Business Economics, Educationa and welfare economics, Economics of International relations, Agricultural Economics, Petroleum Economics, etc.

For further enquiries, questions, admission, etc.
Contact the registrar:Dr. John O.L Registrar profolugbenga_dd@yahoo.com


EIWCE provides equality of opportunities for economics in both developed, and developing countries like Nigeria. It provides professional training for people working in various walks of life. The entire system is hampered by shortage, which the conventional institutions are unable to meet. It also help to make the economics profession relevant to the needs of the country. It is therefore, a viable option in the training and retaining of professional economists globally. 









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Henceforth, please note that all payments are to be made online or  bank transfer only by both local and international students and send the evidence of payment to the institution email address or call immediately.
The applicant/student can also present his/her evidence of payment to the office of the Bursar for the collection of the school receipt. All  students must ensure to convert their evidence of payment online/bank transfer to the school official receipt. No student shall be allowed or permitted to sit for any test/examination/seminar presentation etc if such student is still owing the tuition fee. On no account/circumstances the applicants/students should pay cash to any  staff/faculty member of the institution. No students or parents should make any fund transfer/pay into any individual bank account in the institution. Payment of cash is totally abolished and prohibited within the institution.  

For any further inquiries, clarifications, findings etc, please kindly send email to:  profolugbenga_dd@yahoo.com,  info@pigschools.org.

Please be seriously warned!!!